NIFT presents consistent flawless operation, we undertake AMC for Fire safety Systems for each product. We control an AMC Fire Fighting Systems with our customers in which we upgrade fire safety equipment and systems established in customers' premises and remove the flaws if any.

Without service and maintenance, even the best fire fighting equipment might fail to operate when needed. A service and maintenance agreement provides you :

  • Decrease the risks of failure of equipment when the requirement occurs – saving your investments and your business.

  • Comprehensive life from your equipment due to preventative supervision visits.

  • Compliance with local fire office and insurance company necessities. 

  • Saves Money that will be required to manage accidental breakdowns.

We present a single maintenance contract for all the fire safety equipment/ systems established on your premises – 

  • portable fire extinguishers,

  • Automated Fire Alarm Systems, 

  • Water-based Fire fighting systems, 

  • Gas-based automatic flooding systems, 

  • Emergency lighting, 

  • Emergency Evacuation 

  • signages.

    Fire Fighting Systems are rarely utilized – thus it becomes more necessary to confirm that it is continually in perfect running condition. Heavy investments go into the installation of Fire Safety Hardware – the whole investment goes to waste if the fire systems fail to perform on s rare day it is needed to work and protect lives, businesses, and investments.

    NIFT presents Comprehensive and Non-Comprehensive AMCs of the established Fire Safety equipment. Our offers are constantly customized as per your budgets and service requirements. In fact, we are having specific FREE OF COST maintenance offers for fire extinguishers and other fire security products.

    We present a single maintenance contract for all the fire safety equipment/ systems established on your premises - Portable Fire Extinguishers, Automatic Fire Alarm Systems, Water Based Fire Fighting systems, CCTV, Biometric Access Control, Gas Based Automatic Flooding Systems, Emergency Lighting, Emergency Evacuation Signage's, etc.

    There are clear benefits to going for a single contract. The most essential is the peace of mind that will arrive when you know that there will be no gaps or overlapping in your fire safety due to different departments sharing different tasks.