Fire safety

NIFTech provides fire safety designing  & consulting to architects, contractors, and real estate companies and handles fire-safety assessments of buildings, especially in relation to the renovation of older buildings, confirming code compliance with all current laws and regulations and with performance-based design.

There are many factors to consider in fire safety design. Examples include flammability characteristics of building materials, sectioning of buildings into the fire and smoke zones, escape routes, structural heat tolerances, indicating fire spread, fire alarm systems, and fire extinguishing tools.

Our fire safety engineers give evaluations for building and planning, as well as in relation to industry, industrial procedures, and transportation, using their experience and expertise for various and challenging projects.

Passive fire protection

NIFTECH helps architects and contractors in designing effective buildings with regard to fire safety by utilizing inactive fire protection tactics. This contains categorizes the overall building via the help of fire-resistance-rated walls, doors, and floors, planning of sufficient exit ways, ensuring minimum structural integrity against fire, and more. etc.

Active fire protection

Active fire security elements react once a fire has started. Niftech offers help in planning and designing necessary active protection systems, including fire detection and alarm systems, smoke ventilation, sprinkler system design, and more.

Fire detection and fire alarm systems

Early fire detection and fire alarms are of essential importance to limit the significance of fire, specifically for the security of residents and property protection. The selection of a fire detection system and fire alarms depends on the possible fire source, structure, objective, and usage of a building. In public buildings with large crowds, the fire alarm can be completed by an emergency voice alarm system, emergency lighting systems, and right EXIT light systems to guide the public fast to the nearest exit. NIFtech can specify the most proper detection and alarm system for each certain building.

Fire suppression

NIFTech has a group of experienced sprinkler system developers. Installing an automated fire sprinkler system is a very adequate way to suppress or control a fire. The selection of a sprinkler system depends on the probable type and size of the fire source or special requirements. For instance, rescuing transformers in heavy industry might need a deluge system involving a large amount of suppression water. On the other hand, a gas inerting system is appropriate for places such as a museum, where valuable goods may be very damaged by water or other extinguishing media. NIFTech can also determine the suitable type and location of portable extinguishers for efficient early fire-fighting actions.