What is the purpose of the Fire Hydrant system?

What is the purpose of the Fire Hydrant system?

A fire hydrant system is a security measure or crisis equipment needed in buildings that comprise a series of components that when collected together provide a source of water against fire. 

A fire hydrant is an effective fire protection measure, and a source of water supply in most urban, suburban and rural areas with municipal water service to help firefighters to tap into the municipal water supply to help in extinguishing a fire. It performs actually in enhancing the fire fighting capacity of a place where it is installed. Apart from fire fighting objectives, these hydrated systems are also utilized in several other applications such as water transfer, irrigation, etc.

Such systems fight the fire by utilizing a well-designed water distribution system that contains a water tank and fire pumps. It also has distributed pipeline system which is attached all over the building utilizing the pipes, nozzles, and hydrants. The primary intent of utilizing a fire hydrant system is to provide the best possible source of water to each corner of the building. It assists in saving the building by just taking control of fire during a crisis.

Purpose of Fire Hydrants

The prior purpose of fire hydrants is to provide water for suppressing fire. However, they can be utilized for several secondary objectives like:

  • Line Flushing: Due to its high flow capacity and easy process, fire hydrants can be utilized to flush primary distribution system lines.

  • Testing System: To test the hydraulic capacity of the distribution system, fire hydrants can be utilized.

  • Other Common uses: Fire hydrants are also continually utilized as a water source for commercial building work, sewer cleaning, street construction, street cleaning, etc.